Friday, July 14, 2017

Classroom Behavior Calendars

Summer is slowly coming to a close for me.  
August 1 marks the being of the new school year for me.
No, I don't start back on the first but I do have to start thinking about what my classroom is going to be like for the year.
This year, I plan on stepping up my game on classroom management.
I struggle with this each year.
This year, I plan on using my behavior calendars again.

click pic to check them out

Sometimes I don't need all the bells and whistles with being able to edit.
So, I usually use my free version of these in my classroom.
Super easy to just print and go.
I staple them in the front of my students' take home folder.
Parents are to check them each night and discuss their child's behavior.

click on pic to check them out

Hope you find these helpful and that you are still enjoying your summer!
I'm off to enjoy a day with my kids and grandson:)

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