Saturday, April 18, 2015

Five for Friday {Saturday Style}

I'm finally linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.  I never seem to be able to link up on Friday.  I always mean to but in reality it probably isn't going to happen. #truth
Before I get into my Five for Friday I want to remind you that I have a giveaway happening right now for a signed copy of Maria Dismondy's newest children's book Chocolate Milk, Por Favor! Click here to enter for a chance to win.

My class is hatching eggs this year!!!
One of my former students have chickens and they have been so wonderful to allow my class to hatch 7 eggs.  The 2 white looking eggs are actually a green/blue color and they are called Easter eggs because of the color.  The kids have been making predictions as to how many with be boys/girls and what color they will be.  They have also been thinking of names for our future chick.  I just hope at least 1 hatches.  

This center was giving some of my cuties a really hard time.  In hindsight I really should have put out about 4 sentences for them.  They started to complain that it was just too hard so I told them to make silly sentences and read them.  Instant success!  They had so much fun making the sentences and reading them to me.  What could have turned out to be a disaster, turned out to be a win/win situation after all.

Thursday was my Birthday.  So I decided to throw myself a party at school.  I had treats and we played gonoodle for the afternoon.  My kiddos were so sweet!  Some of them made me cards and pictures.  When I had to run down and grab the ice cream they all hid under their desk and jumped out and yelled surprise and then started singing Happy Birthday.  The kids were so surprised because I hadn't told them until they came into our room and saw all the decorations.  I think this will be a tradition each year now:)

I came across some great deals this week.  Walgreens had Mr. Sketch scented markers 2/$6.  Of course they only had 2 so I will be checking out the other Walgreens nearby today for any more.  Highlights sent me these wonderful foam math cubes for FREE.  And lastly one of my cuties brought back enough Wikki Stix packs for everyone in the class even me.  I will definitely be getting some of them to add to my centers for next year.  I did learn that they don't work if you get them wet.  My son was playing with some on the carpet and they picked up some dog hair Yuck.  Once he washed them off they weren't sticky anymore:( 

I finally got around to taking some pictures of my Synonyms flap books.  They kids had a great time making these and they still yell out synonyms for words all the time:)  This is included in my packet A Unit on Synonyms available in my TpT store. The picture will take you to my store to check it out if you would like to see what all it includes:)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Book Tour & Giveaway

I am over the moon excited to share with you my review of Maria Dismondy's newest children's book Chocolate Milk, Por Favor!  This amazing little story is wonderful for helping kids learn to be empathetic to others.

As soon as I got this book in my hands I read it to my 5 year old son.  He LOVED it!  As I read it to him he would make comments about how Johnny wasn't being very nice and how he wouldn't do that or how Gabe was sad and that he would play and sit with Gabe at lunch.  He also told me that we should treat everyone the way we want to be treated.  It's important that we keep driving home that our Actions Speak Louder Than Words  and that we need to help those that are different from us feel welcome.

Maria Dismondy is an award-winning author, specializing in
books about challenges children face. A topic close to her heart,
Maria’s own childhood experience inspired her first book, Spaghetti
in a Hot Dog Bun. Maria’s dedication to empowering children with
courage and confidence has reached new heights, touching the
hearts and hands of children the world over. Grounded in her belief
that all children deserve a voice, Maria’s latest book, Chocolate
Milk, Por Favor, drives home the important message of celebrating
diversity with kindness, inclusion and empathy. As a sought-after
speaker, Maria spreads her message by presenting at schools and
conferences across the country. She holds degrees in education
and child development. Maria lives in southeastern Michigan with
her husband, Dave, and their three book-loving children.

Book Synopsis: Johnny is a big fan of school but that all changes when the new kid, Gabe arrives. Gabe doesn't speak any English, and that doesn't stop Johnny from going out of his way to be unkind.
But what will Johnny do when Gabe starts to make new friends? Will he join in the fun of making a new friend or turn the other way? Johnny realizes a powerful message in this story where student differences are celebrated. Read to find out how chocolate milk plays a major role in the discovery of the real universal language.

You are definitely going to want to have this in your book collection and Maria has been so gracious to allow me to giveaway one signed copy of her book.

Next up on the blog tour is Kelly from  Mrs. Campbell’s Kids. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

April: Pick 3 Pinterest Linky

Spring is such a beautiful time of year.  Flowers and trees are blooming.  New life is emerging.  I LOVE waking up to the sound of birds singing each morning.  It just puts me in a wonderful mood to start the day.  
I'm linking up with some of my besties for a Pinterest Party.  
Here are my top 3 picks for the month of April.

My first graders have completed this little Mother's Day craft the last couple of years.  It's just too cute.  The decorate their bag like mom in bed.  We glue on the little poem and then add a breakfast bar, napkin, and hot cocoa packet.  They also illustrate a little book If You Give a Mom a Muffin and include a picture of them eating the muffin at the end of the book.  

I really like this big bulletin board idea for Earth Day.  I have made some similar but I think I'm going with this one this year.  I think  it's the big band-aides that do it for me:)

These are just too cute to not do.  I really think they would look precious hanging in my classroom.  And who wouldn't want a pet bird in a cage.

I'd love to connect with you on Pinterest!  My Pinterest feed is below:)

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Currently

One More Day of School!
Then Spring Break but until then I'm linking up with Farley for the April Currently.

Right now I'm listening to my kiddos getting baths and getting ready for bed.  We have had morning duty this week and getting up earlier has really knocked them off their schedules.  They need to be in bed NOW!

Spring Break starts for us tomorrow right after school!!!  It can't come quick enough.  As much as I love my job and kids we really need this time off.  I'm just hoping that the weather agrees to stay nice some of the time so we can get out in the sun.

I have sooooooo much stuff to get completed during our Spring Break.  I want to clean the house really good.  It gets so neglected because we are so busy we just pick up on the weekends but it needs a deep clean.  I also want to get everything ready to start painting.  Yep the WHOLE HOUSE pretty much.  Don't worry I have some fun things planned too:)

I need deserve Starbucks tomorrow morning for making it through the week including morning duty:) 

At the end of last school year I started counting macros and working out.  I had lost around 20 pounds and was really feeling good.  Then I got discouraged and stopped counting and really watching what I was eating.  Now I have about 15 of those pounds to loose again:/  This week I plan on getting back on track with counting.

When I was trying to think up a theme for my first grade classroom 10 years ago, I knew I wanted something to go with B because of Byers being my last name.  It took a few years to decide because I didn't want anything apple or bear (which everyone kept trying to get me to use).  I saw a really cute bee and it was over.  Bees are busy and get the job done and I like to think I try really hard to work like a bee in my classroom.  I know my life sure is busy like a bee.

Now it's your turn to link up with Farley and let us know what you're currently doing!

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