Saturday, January 31, 2015

Five for (Friday): Saturday Style

I absolutely LOVE this linky party!
It's so easy and trust me I need easy in my life right now.
This past week was Catholic Schools Week and boy am I wore out.
But we had a lot of fun and I want to share with you some of the
fun things we did this year.

Movie Day
 Monday was wear your PJ's to school day!
Any day that I can pretty much roll out of bed and go to work is a win win for me:)
We also got to watch a movie in the gym!
Air Buddy was a hit and the WHOLE school was there.
We only have about 225 students in our 3 yr old to 8th grade school.

Talent Show
Tuesday was throw back day and the talent show.
This year all the acts in the talent show were really good.
That can't be said about last year.

Game Day
Wednesday was favorite college or high school tops only day.
We also go to play corn hole for awhile.
My firsties LOVED it!!!
They were really good at it too.

Dress up day
Thursday was dress up day.
We had a pep assembly in the gym to recognize 
all athletic and academic teams.
We also had an all school liturgy and awarded one student from
each classroom the Shirley Dunn Good Samaritan Award.
My daughter received this award for the 3rd grade.
One proud parent here!!!

Volleyball game
Friday we ended our week with Spirit Day and the 
Annual Faculty vs 8th grade volleyball game.
The teachers have won 13 out 14 years.

This week very little academic learning went on in my classroom.
I didn't even plan on teaching anything this week.
The plan book was blank.
But I still feel they learned so much in this week.
School pride, sharing our talents, and appreciating our parents' sacrifice 
for sending us to Catholic school.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Five for Friday January 23

It has been 4-ever-er since I have linked up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the 
5 for Friday linky party.
So today I decided to just sit down and link up:)
Check out all the stuff that's been happening in my neck of the woods!

 I finally took the plunge and subscribed to the Graze Box.
My kids LOVED it!
Who wouldn't love getting snacks in the mail.
It's only $6.99 a box and I'm signed up to get one every other week.
We really liked trying the different items.
Everything is organic and perfectly portioned and packed.
It really is for one person but they do have a bigger box that is packed to share.
Want to try it out?
You can use my code and get your 1st and 5th box FREE!
 Don't worry you can stop at anytime too.

Our first Graze Box!
I am obsessed with Jamberry Nails!
In fact I am now an Independent Consultant.
This is the Jamicure I'm sporting right now.
Love Spell has to be my all time favorite.
If your interested in these you can check them out here:

 These are 2 of my latest finds.
Branch crayons and what I thought was a green apple.
Come to find out it's really a green pumpkin:/
But I like calling it a green apple so that's what it is.
They are suppose to go in my office 
but I don't have one right now so they are on the desk in the dinning room.
 We have been working with my winter centers and 
my new unit on synonyms.
So far so good!

 Our puppies have turned 7 weeks old.
They had to go to the vet and they all had a clean bill of health.
While we were there an older couple fell in love with our male puppy.
They ended up taking him home 2 days later.
It makes it so much easier knowing that he is in a VERY loving home.
Talk about going to be spoiled.
The white and brown female in the middle goes to her new home 
on Tuesday.  I don't have to worry about her either.
Another loving family ready to spoil her rotten.
And the last female, Mittens, is staying with us.
She is now the responsibility of my 8 yr old daughter.

These are the centers my kiddos were working on.
Click on the picture to check them out in my TpT store.
They are on sale right now too!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Pick 3: January's Pinterest Pics

I'm linking up with 2 of my sweet friends Marissa, from The Inspired Owl's Corner and Lisa from PAWSitively Teaching for their monthly Pick 3 Pinterest Linky Party.

I really enjoy having my kids making and learning about winter in January.  
January and February tend to be when we get a better chance of snow.
And who doesn't love snow/wintery projects.
Here are a few wintery ideas my kiddos will be doing this January.
I am all about taking pictures of my kids and turning those into cute bulletin boards.
The best thing about this one is my kids can practice some creative writing and I won't have to change my bulletin board for awhile.
I love it when they last longer than just a month:)
Click picture above to view original Pinterest link.

Another chance for me to snap some cute pictures and my kiddos to write about their dream for a better world.  Seems like a win win to me.
This will be super easy to do also with just me.
I only have 16 kids but when it comes to writing that doesn't seem to matter.
Click picture above to view original Pinterest link.

Not only did my good friend Missy from Dirt Road Teacher create this amazing pack but it has everything I need to get my kids excited about Science.
I have to admit I have been focused more on Social Studies which it a big surprise for me since I'm a BIG Science fanatic.  But with our new reading series it's focus seems to be more on the Social Studies aspect.
Click picture above to view original Pinterest link.

Follow me on Pinterest! I would love to follow you as well! 
My Pinterest boards are below!


Thursday, January 1, 2015

One Word- IG and Blog Linky

WOW 2015 already!
2014 wasn't a terrible year for me.
Sure I had several ups and downs but over all it was a good year.
Now looking ahead to 2015 I wonder what kind of year it will be.
I'm linking up with my sweet friend Mary for her One Word- IG and Blog Linky.

Classroom Full of Smiles

I have decided it's going to be an AMAZING year.
It has to be because I'm in charge of it and there is just no excuse for it to not be AMAZING.
No one else is in charge of my year.
I'm the one writing this story and I will make it AMAZING.
Goals are in the works!

1. Putting family first!!
My family always comes first but sometimes we get so busy we really aren't together.
Just because you're all sitting in the same room doesn't mean you're connecting with each other.
This year I will cook dinner (crock pot meals count right?)  and we will have dinner at the kitchen table as a family.

2. Healthier lifestyle
Last year it was all about Me getting healthy.
I started working out at the gym and eating better.
My family were supportive to a point but they weren't on board with me.
As I look back I realize that is my fault.
I need to make healthy meals for my family to enjoy with me.
This way we can all be eating better and I won't feel like I'm doing it all by myself.
Pinterest here I come!
Any healthy meal suggestions would be greatly appreciative. 

3. Better classroom resources
TpT has helped me in so many ways I can't even begin to tell you all of them.
This year I will make better resources for my classroom!
My first graders learn so much better when I pull out a center I have made or gotten off of TpT.
Their little eyes light up as soon as they spot them and they do so well with them.
This year I will make more and use them more often.

4. Share!
I have let myself get into a blogging and sharing slump:(
I'm not happy about it in fact I'm a little embarrassed that I let it happen.
This year I will share more about what's going on in my classroom and the resources I am using.
Great teachers aren't born--they're made by the teacher next door. Lola May
I want to be the teacher next door to You and I hope you will be the teacher next door to me.
Together we can make a difference!!

Now it's your turn to link up or comment with what one word will describe 2015 for you.

Have a wonderful night!!

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