Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tips and Tools for Back to School- Week My Turn

This week's tip and tool for Back to School is brought to you from ME!!
I'm super excited to share with you something that I started using last year around Thanksgiving, 
Desk Buddies.
My little sweeties last year had a love of stuffed animals.
Yep, every first grader loves them!
I love them!
Until they start to show up at school and take over my cuties desks.
Then not so much do I like them.
This is what happened last year.
Bennie Boos took over my room and students' desks.
This is a mild case of Beenie Boo take over.
At one time one of my cuties had 6 of this little babies on her desk.
Needless to say she didn't have much room to work.
Then they started to bring them in to their friends.
It was a nightmare!!
So I came up with the desk buddy.
The kids loved making them and having them on their desk.
They would beg for me to make a new one each week.
How could I not!
This year I have decided to take the Desk Buddy a step further and 
involve a writing element.
This babies are going to be in my writing workstation this year.
To start off the first day/week of school I have uploaded a 
FREE My Summer Break Desk Buddy
to TpT for you to try out.
Here is what it includes:
*1 desk buddy {boy & girl version} 
*5 different writing pages {boy & girl version}
*picture directions
*alteranative options

If you enjoyed this FREE version I also have an August Pack and
September will be coming out very soon:)
If you have any suggestions for a desk buddy 
you would like to see in the 
September or October pack 
please let me know.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Check back next Sunday for another Tips and Tools for Back to School
from another Primary Peep.


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