Thursday, September 19, 2013

Math Centers and Pirate Hats

Today for math I decided to forgo the old math book workbook page and have my kiddos do math centers the whole time. 

I don't usually do math centers that much. 
Usually I just throw in one during my reading centers just to change things up a little. 
But after today I think I am going to have a day of no math book just centers. 
It was great practice and review for my cuties.

I have 15 kiddos but only 13 were there during this time. 
I divided them up into 3 groups and then put them at a simple center.
You know me I like to keep it simple and easy for me and the kids so they can work independently. 
I did not have my kiddos use recording sheets today.
We just played the games and got use to them.
Recording sheets will come into play soon:)

Center 1-Dry Erase ten frames (autumn style)
Students used dry erase markers and tissues to make a ten frame to match the number on the card.

Center 2- Ten Frame number match
Students matched a number card to the matching ten frame card.
Center 3- Roll and make a Ten Frame
Students used dice to roll a number and then used counters to make ten frames in our ice trays.
This one was a HUGE it and it was super easy to put together:)

And lastly we celebrated National Talk like a Pirate Day by reading a couple of pirate themed books and making Pirate Hats.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

20th day, Centers and New FB Freebie

Today was the 20th day of school for us.
So that made it a Zero the Hero day.
We got to do a few activities with 20.
We sorted and counted by 5's.  Then we sorted and counted by 10's and lastly we counted by 1's to 20.

We also used our Tootie Fruities to make the number 20.
They used 10 for the 2 and 10 for the 0.
Then they were allowed to eat them.
It was like magic!
Who knew what a hit cheep cereal could be;)

We also compared some numbers today.
I very quickly made up each of my 15 cuties a Pac Man to use during math.
I told them that Pac Man was very hungry and would only eat the bigger number.
They loved it!!

This week we have been reading the story The Big Blue Ox from our Reading Street book.
During center time my cuties used our short i shorting game as a center. 
These kiddos had finished the sort and then made a short i pyramid. 

They also worked on sight words by raking in the sight words. 
I have magnets on the ends of the rakes and then the sight word leaves have paper clips to help pick them up.  You have to rake them just right for it to really work, but the kids enjoyed it.

I just changed out my FB Fan Freebie.  For now I have a zipped file of my Boy and Girl inspired ten frames.

 If your interested in our centers you can get them at my TpT store.



Sunday, September 8, 2013

My week and a freebie

Man school sure is kickin' my bottom.
Every time I think I'm going to have some time to blog or create something else comes up:(
Anyway here is a few things we did this week that I actually go to take pictures of.

In science we have been learning about our 5 senses.  We made a flip book and then cut out pictures to show we understood what each of our senses could do.

We partner read our story Sam, Come Back!  They did such a great job of helping each other out when they came to a word they didn't know.  Makes me so proud!!!!

We took a walk to a local business as a reward for having the most parents show up for the parent night meeting.  13 out of 14 students had at least one parent show up:)  Where did we go???????

We went to Orange Leaf!!!  It's a frozen yogurt store.  It was so cool!  We got to make our own yogurt sundae and they had so many toppings it was hard to decide.

Here is what I chose.  It was cheesecake yogurt with white chocolate chips and crunched up heath bar.  Delicious!!

That is just a few of the things we did this week. 
 I did manage to upload my behavior clip chart calendars to TpT.  And they are FREE:)
Click the pic to grab them:)



Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Currently September, Already!

Holy Guacamole!!!  It's September already:)
That means it's time for a September Currently from Farley.

Mine is really self explanatory so I'm not going to rehash what a wrote for the most part.
My classroom is nearly finished except for the little details that make a big difference.
I have all my pom poms made and hanging on the side of the room but they need to be hung over the desk.  Anyone want to come do that for  me;)?

I need new clothes!
I wear the same thing over and over. 
I did go out and get 3 pairs of capris and 2 shirts yesterday.
It's at least a start:)

I have 3 goals for myself this month.
1.  I really really want to learn how to use the smart board that I have in my classroom this year.
This would make a great center for my kiddos.
And they keep asking when are we going to use it;)

2.  I really need to eat healthier. 
I was doing really good their for a long while and then I let myself slide back into eating unhealthy:(
This leads me into ...

3.  Cook something new.  I can eat healthy and cook something new too. 
We tend to eat the same things all the time so I think it is time to look at all those great food ideas I pinned on Pinterest and get to cooking. 
I just don't want to do the dishes:/

Hope you have a fantastic week!! 

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