Saturday, March 30, 2013

TpT Spring Sale

I'm on Spring Break this week so I hope to get a lot of important stuff done.
* sleep late
* spend time with my kids {ones I actually brought into this world}
* read books I don't have time for normally
* blog stalk to find more ideas for the last of the year and to catch up
* finish up a few new items for my classroom and store {I'm really excited about my Twittering Sight Words Teacher Assessment pack using Fry's 2nd 100 words that I've been working on.}
You know the important stuff;)
I really need to write up lesson plans and plan ahead but I hate writing them up.

My first order of business this weekend is to check out all the great stores on sale this weekend over at TpT.  I decided to put my store on sale too.

Here are just a few of the things on sale over there.
These are all the newest items that will be going into the Assessment Pack too;)
Click on any of the pictures to go to that item or {Click Here} to go to my store.

Click the preview for a list 1 freebie.
Click the preview for a list 1 freebie.

Click the preview for a list 1 freebie.

Happy Shopping!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

A Birthday Party and Spring Cleaning

Have your heard yet?
TBA is turning 2!!!
In celebration they are having an Ultimate Freebie Celebration.
There will be loads of freebies for different grades. 
I've uploaded several and I hope to have a few more this week.

Today was our last day before Spring Break!!
So I had my kiddos spring clean their desk.
I was shocked at how dirty they really were.
I knew they had cluttered desks, but dirty.
Needless to say we went through a lot of Clorox wipes.
They had a ball cleaning. {who knew:)}
Here are some pics of them in the action.

Monday, March 18, 2013

We didn't catch him:(

Every year I have had my kiddos make leprechaun traps.  
They make them at home with their families and then bring them to school. 
We set the traps. 
Then on the next morning the kiddos come in to check their trap
to see if they caught a leprechaun.  This year was no different. 
My firsties were so excited when they came into the room this morning. 
All the desk were moved all over the place. 
Chairs were upside down, sideways and not where they were suppose to be. 
That pesky leprechaun even clipped everyone down to red. 
All the traps were set off too. 
We were a little bummed that we didn't catch him
but he did leave us some rainbow treats {skittles} to enjoy. 
Check out our awesome traps this year:)



Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dr. Seuss Finale Colorful Fish

This is my 100th post and it worked out perfectly to be the end of our Seuss-tastic Week.
Friday was our last day of Dr. Seuss Week.
We read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.
Then we sorted, tallied, graphed and ate colorful fish.
I have to give a shout-out to Klever-Kiddos for the wonderful
This was perfect for my class today and just want I was looking for.
Thanks for sharing!!

Here are some pics of our day.  Enjoy!!

Sorting the color fish
We first sorted the color fish on the mat.

Then we made a tally chart.

Next we made a bar graph.

Then we made a real graph.

Next we turned it into a pictograph.
Lastly we answered some questions about our graph.
This was a huge hit with my first graders.  I made a few adjustments to make
sure we practiced all the graphing we hard learned so far.
Thanks again Klever-Kiddos for a great product.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Our Favorite Characters and Edible Truffula Trees

Today we dressed up as our favorite Dr. Seuss character.
We had a lot of Thing 1 and 2 and
Cat in the Hat.
We watched The Lorax and as we made
truffula trees and drank grape cool-aide.  
The Cat in the Hat was a hit today.

Lots of Thing 1 and 2 in the room.
We had a Who and the guy from The Foot Book too.

Truffula Tree Snack
We used a lollipop stick, marshmallow, white icing and colored sugar and sprinkles
to make our Truffula trees during our movie.
They were a big hit!
Tomorrow we our working with One Fish, Two Fish
Red Fish, Blue Fish.
Check back to see what activities we do with this book.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Silly Hats to Celebrate a Silly Cat

Hello Bloggy Friends:)
My class had a great day today with
The Cat in the Hat.
We wore silly hats all day long.
We also made cat hats that had rhyming word families.
You can see my example on the board behind my kiddos.
{Sorry no pic, I forgot to snap it}
You can also see that we lost both ss's off
of recess.  We were earsplitting a little loud today.
I have no idea why;)

Here are our hats!!
The blue and red is actually his baby sister's tutu. LOVE it!
These sweeties didn't ware hats so they used their rhyming hats.
We had a few beer hats lol.  They were only $1 @ Target.
The Santa hat is actually mine, but this little darling wanted to wear it.

The leprechaun hat with buckle is my daughter.  We
found that hat for $1 @ Target too:)
Got to love the $1 spot!!

Green M&M's and cheese my fave {yummy}.


Minnie Mouse was in the house today.
We had so much fun with our hats today.
Tomorrow we are dressing up like our favorite
Dr. Seuss character {or the one easiest to make fast;)}.
Check back soon to see all our creative costumes.

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