Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Currently March

Welcome March!!!
I'm glad it's here and I'm ready to get moving with the last trimester of school.
12 more weeks to go!!!
Here is what I'm currently doing.

Oh Boy It's Farley

My hubby is watching/yelling at the Kentucky vs Florida game.  We bleed BLUE in our house so I'm praying we win.  It just makes life easier here LOL.

I just got another new to me desk and I LOVE it.  Of course its still in the garage but once I get it downstairs and set up I'm hoping it will motivate me to work.

We just might if all goes well be in Florida the week of the TpT conference.  I was so excited to possibly going but now I've started to talk myself out of it.  Are you going? Have you been before?  What should I do??????

I desperately need Spring Break to get here.  This girl is ready for some down time longer than the weekend.  Plus our weekends are always so so so busy that they really aren't time off.  Just work of a different kind.

I have several notebooks full of ideas for my classroom and TpT products.  I just can't seem to get myself going on creating them:/

My school is not a polling site.  The public schools around us close when they are being used for polling.  I couldn't imagine having classes while strangers were there to vote.  Just doesn't seem safe either to me.

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share what you are currently doing:)

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