Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November Pick 3 Pinterest Party

Wowwie wow wow did October fly by as fast for you as it did for me?
I have a strong feeling November is going to be the same story and then Christmas will be here.
I'm not ready!
But before all that happens I am happy to link up with me sweet friends for their AMAZING pinterest party.

What kid wouldn't want their very own quill to write with during the season!?!
These are too easy and cute not to do with my first graders.

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I love the simplicity of this activity.  
I've actually did this before several years ago and the kids really enjoyed it.

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I've did something similar to this in the past but this is super cute.
Easy too!

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Have you noticed I went with 3 easy, not a lot of prep, cute ideas?
True story, I'm too busy to pretend I'm going to do something that take a lot of time.
This year has been a struggle so the easier it is the better chance of me using it.

I do have several other cute ideas pinned so buzz on over to my Pinterest feed to check them out:)

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