Friday, September 18, 2015

Five for Friday!

When you haven't blogged in a while it's always good to jump back in with a good linky party.  
At least that's what I think:)
 I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for 

Today was picture day and boy was it wild!
Our school is getting bigger so it took awhile for it to be our turn.
We went to lunch late and missed out on recess.
But in the end we made it through and did fine.
These are just a few of my sweeties that had already gotten their pictures taken and were waiting for the rest of the class.
First Grade Picture Day

The couch is a success!!!!
I knew I loved it but you never know with kids.
It doesn't even matter that it's pink.  
They all love it.
And the good thing is that they really don't fight over it:)
Couch success!

I started reading Charlotte's Web to my first graders last week.  
They love it!
You could hear a pin drop while I'm reading it.
Awesome read aloud for first grade!

Yesterday this arrived by FedEx.
If I had been home at the time I probably would have kissed the driver.
I've been almost a month without my daily Spark and boy can I tell.
I'll never run out again I can promise you that!
I'm also getting things together to start the 24 Day Challenge on October 5th.
Spark Life Forever

I'd like to introduce our newest member of our family, Navasha.
She is a 8 week old, Blue Russian, kitten.
Everyone is head over heals in love with her. 
Well not the other cats.
They really don't care to much for her.
They'll get use to her soon enough.
Blue Russian Kitten

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