Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Work It Wednesday: 6/24 FOOD!

It's Wednesday and that means it's time to link up with Katie for another Work It Wednesday!
This week I'm trying to work on making better food choices.
So when I wanted something I tried to make it a little bit healthier.

Who doesn't LOVE pizza!?!
I know I do A LOT:/
Here is my healthyfied ( is that even a word, well it is now) version:
The Busy Busy Hive
 I used a low carb tortilla, a little bit of spaghetti sauce, loaded up the veggies like onions, red peppers and spinach, some shredded chicken and a little cheese.  Is it completely clean? No but it is much healthier than a slice of pizza from Pizza Hut.  It was very delicious too!

The Busy Busy Hive
 I really like Tilapia fish.  I just sprayed with a little bit of Pam olive oil and sprinkled some sea salt and Parmesan cheese over the fish then baked for about 13 minutes.  I thought there would be several leftover for tomorrow.  Nope only 3 made it to the frig.  I'd say the Hubby really liked it:)

The Busy Busy Hive
The Hubby and kids wanted ice cream from Chillers.  So what's a girl to do!  I made a healthy choice and went with the Strawberry Frozen Yogurt no fat no sugar added.  It was very good and I would most definitely get it again.  

The Busy Busy HiveThe Busy Busy Hive

This one probably isn't really healthy but it is a little bit of a better choice in my opinion,  Pumpkin muffins are a HUGE hit with my kids at home.  The best part is there are only 2 ingredients.  1 Box cake mix and a can of pumpkin.  That is it!!!  I mix the cake mix with the can of pumpkin until it is all mixed well.  (This time I used the sugar free cake mix and it was just as good as if I used regular mix.)  Then I spoon some into muffin pans.  This box made 12 nice size muffins.  I think I would really like this if I had a mini muffin pan and made bite size muffins.  Anyway these don't last long at my house.  Next time I might try this with an Angel Food cake mix and see how that works out.

Of course I walked and worked out at the gym this week.  I also drank lots of WATER!!!
I'm on myfitnesspal if you would like to keep each other motivated.
My Fitness Pal: thebusybusyhive
So what have you been doing this week to make you a better version of you? 
Link up with Katie or leave a comment below and tell us what tips you have.

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