Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Work It Wednesday: 6/17 My Real Fitness Story

I'm linking up this week with the sweet Katie from Queen of the First Grade Jungle for her Work It Wednesday.

Last year I started following Katie's fitness post on Instagram and decided it was time to get in shape.  I hired an on-line trainer and lost about 25 or more pounds.  Everyone was telling me how great I looked and asking how I was doing it.  But the whole time I didn't see these big changes that everyone else were seeing.  I would start to feel really good about my weight loss and then I'd go try something on and be really depressed.  What I saw in the mirror was the same old me.  Even though I was wearing smaller clothes and the scale showed a much smaller number I didn't feel it.  I hated the diet the trainer had me on.  I felt like I could only eat fish, chicken and broccoli.
Did it work?
Was I happy?
I spent my WHOLE summer counting macros and stressing about the weekly progress pictures I was going to have to send to him.  This wasn't for me.  And after my time with him ran out I slowly gained just about all that weight back.

Fast forward to this summer and I'm working on my fitness again but there is a big change.  I saw Katie posting about AdvoCare and I took the plunge and signed up as a distributor under her.  Then I bought the 24 day Challenge.  Wish I could say I did great on it but I bombed it:(  I did lose 6 pounds and 3 inches on the cleanse phase.  I can't wait for me to be able to give it another try.

As of now I am working on finding what works for me.  I have found these items to really help me.
I drink spark everyday!
I get up at 3:45 am to get to the gym by 4 am.
Spark helps me wake up and keeps me motivated with great energy.
Spark to save the day!

I take Catalyst to in the morning before breakfast.
It gives me energy and helps my muscles.

I have a really hard time not eating ALL day long.
So this next product has been a life saver.
Crave Check Sr
I'm still working on the timing to make sure I have the whole day covered for appetite control.
Right now I take one around 8-9 am and then again around 1-2 pm.

When I'm hungry for a snack I try really hard to grab fruit or veggies but sometimes those just don't cut it.  I really love Questbars for a sweet snack or dessert.  This one is my current favorite!!

I'm thinking about having my macros recalculated and giving that a try again but just not sure yet.
What helps you stay on track with being healthy?
I'd love to hear about your favorite healthy items or tips.
I need all the help I can get:)
If you have any questions about Advocare or any other questions I'd be more than happy to help out just email me at
We are in this together! #letsbuildchampionstogether

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