Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Currently

One More Day of School!
Then Spring Break but until then I'm linking up with Farley for the April Currently.

Right now I'm listening to my kiddos getting baths and getting ready for bed.  We have had morning duty this week and getting up earlier has really knocked them off their schedules.  They need to be in bed NOW!

Spring Break starts for us tomorrow right after school!!!  It can't come quick enough.  As much as I love my job and kids we really need this time off.  I'm just hoping that the weather agrees to stay nice some of the time so we can get out in the sun.

I have sooooooo much stuff to get completed during our Spring Break.  I want to clean the house really good.  It gets so neglected because we are so busy we just pick up on the weekends but it needs a deep clean.  I also want to get everything ready to start painting.  Yep the WHOLE HOUSE pretty much.  Don't worry I have some fun things planned too:)

I need deserve Starbucks tomorrow morning for making it through the week including morning duty:) 

At the end of last school year I started counting macros and working out.  I had lost around 20 pounds and was really feeling good.  Then I got discouraged and stopped counting and really watching what I was eating.  Now I have about 15 of those pounds to loose again:/  This week I plan on getting back on track with counting.

When I was trying to think up a theme for my first grade classroom 10 years ago, I knew I wanted something to go with B because of Byers being my last name.  It took a few years to decide because I didn't want anything apple or bear (which everyone kept trying to get me to use).  I saw a really cute bee and it was over.  Bees are busy and get the job done and I like to think I try really hard to work like a bee in my classroom.  I know my life sure is busy like a bee.

Now it's your turn to link up with Farley and let us know what you're currently doing!

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