Sunday, March 15, 2015

Teacher's Pets

Today I'm linking up with some of my best blogging buddies for Teacher's Pets Linky.
This linky is "pur"fect for me because I am a HUGE pet lover.
I can handle just about any kind of pet except spiders, snakes and bug type pets.  
If you have those as pets awesome!
I'm just more of a fluffy furry kind of girl:)

To start off I want to give you a run down of all the pets that live in my house.
We currently have 5 dogs (4 Shih Tzus and 1 German Shepard/beagle mix), 2 black cats (1 male and 1 female), 1 Bearded Dragon, 2 rats (use to be classroom pets until this year), and 2 guinea pigs.  At school I currently have 3 hermit crabs.  I know I have a mini zoo!
Today I'm going to share about our newest addition and a little about our class pets.

Mittens was born on November 30, 2014.
She was the second to be born out of her mother's litter of 5.
Sadly only 3 of the 5 puppies survived.
We found out Mitten's mother was preggo exactly 1 week before she had the puppies.
Talk about a HUGE surprise.
We seriously didn't know she was going to have puppies.
It was a whirl wind of emotions in our house at that time.

New born Mittens
We had raised 3 other litter of puppies before but that was years (like 7 to be exact) ago.
We were out of practice and not prepared.
I was upset and overwhelmed.
But in the end everything worked out and we ended up with these adorable bundles of joy.

It's a rough life

 Long story short my middle daughter fell in love with Mittens and we allowed her to keep her as a Christmas present.  My hubby was in love with her too, even though he swears he doesn't like the dogs;)

Nap time
I mean who couldn't love that little face.
She also looks just like our first Shih Tzu, Munchkin.
Munchkin was her grandma.
That is why my hubby was so in love with her.
Munchkin had been bought for me but was really his dog.

I'm ready for my close up
  Yes we dress her up but she doesn't wear these all the time or even all day.
It's just for fun and she actually loves wearing them.
If she can get a hold of one of her dresses she will bring it to you to put on her.
I will admit she isn't a fan of the red coat.
I think it's a little stiff for her liking so she doesn't wear it.

Fashion show time
She is always getting into mischief. 
We can not put the tp paper on the roll or she jumps up and pulls it all down.
It wasn't me

This school year I have 3 hermit crabs as class pets.
I enjoy having them in the room but I can't lie I do miss not having my rats in there.
This year I have a student with a fatal peanut allergy so the rats couldn't be in the room.
Better safe than sorry!
Next year I plan on having the rats or even maybe the guinea pigs in my room.
Actually the pigs were suppose to be class pets but I just couldn't bring myself to take them to school.
Hermit Crabs

Templeton and Nicodemus

Caramel and Mocha

I whipped up this little desk buddy craft and writing activity to use with my kiddos.
Did I mention that it's FREE.
Just click on the picture to grab it.
My Pet: Desk Buddy
Do you have a pet in your classroom or at home?
Link up or leave a comment. because 
I'd love to learn more about your sweet little critter.

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