Friday, February 20, 2015

5 for Friday

I absolutely love this linky.  It's easy and so much fun to see what everyone else did during the week.  If you haven't linked up I highly recommend you try it out:)  Check out my randomness from this week.

Our school has it's very own app!
As if that isn't cool enough, my son is on the app.  You can download it to your iPhone or android phone free of change.  Just check it out in the app store.  We are one of the first elementary school in our area to have this technology available so we are very excited about it.

We have gotten so much snow this week at school has been cancelled almost all week.  We did have school today on a delayed schedule but we already had plans so we weren't there.  Originally we were suppose to be off anyway.  This is from earlier this week.  These two have not been able to enjoy a good snow because we haven't had one in so long.  I'm glad they finally got to experience this but now I'm ready for warmer weather.

I got a new rug!!!!
I never just go out and buy things but when my TpT payout showed up I just went for it.  I actually bought several other items for the house but I need to repaint the walls and do a little more cleaning before I reveal those:)  Keep watching!  Hopefully it won't take me years to get those thing completed.

This is why we weren't in school today.
We had a mini vacation to Pigeon Forge scheduled.  
This is our view this morning from our deck and we made a trip to the aquarium in Gatlinburg.  We had so much fun and really enjoyed these little fish.  They were eating the dead skin off our hands.  It really tickled when they started nibbling on our palms:)  My daughter wouldn't put her hands in but my son is always up to the challenge.  He kept playing with one little fish.  I think he made a friend.

Today is National Love your Pet day.
We weren't home to love on this little girl or our other fur babies so our oldest daughter had to love them for us.  We'll make it up to them when we get back home.

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