Thursday, January 1, 2015

One Word- IG and Blog Linky

WOW 2015 already!
2014 wasn't a terrible year for me.
Sure I had several ups and downs but over all it was a good year.
Now looking ahead to 2015 I wonder what kind of year it will be.
I'm linking up with my sweet friend Mary for her One Word- IG and Blog Linky.

Classroom Full of Smiles

I have decided it's going to be an AMAZING year.
It has to be because I'm in charge of it and there is just no excuse for it to not be AMAZING.
No one else is in charge of my year.
I'm the one writing this story and I will make it AMAZING.
Goals are in the works!

1. Putting family first!!
My family always comes first but sometimes we get so busy we really aren't together.
Just because you're all sitting in the same room doesn't mean you're connecting with each other.
This year I will cook dinner (crock pot meals count right?)  and we will have dinner at the kitchen table as a family.

2. Healthier lifestyle
Last year it was all about Me getting healthy.
I started working out at the gym and eating better.
My family were supportive to a point but they weren't on board with me.
As I look back I realize that is my fault.
I need to make healthy meals for my family to enjoy with me.
This way we can all be eating better and I won't feel like I'm doing it all by myself.
Pinterest here I come!
Any healthy meal suggestions would be greatly appreciative. 

3. Better classroom resources
TpT has helped me in so many ways I can't even begin to tell you all of them.
This year I will make better resources for my classroom!
My first graders learn so much better when I pull out a center I have made or gotten off of TpT.
Their little eyes light up as soon as they spot them and they do so well with them.
This year I will make more and use them more often.

4. Share!
I have let myself get into a blogging and sharing slump:(
I'm not happy about it in fact I'm a little embarrassed that I let it happen.
This year I will share more about what's going on in my classroom and the resources I am using.
Great teachers aren't born--they're made by the teacher next door. Lola May
I want to be the teacher next door to You and I hope you will be the teacher next door to me.
Together we can make a difference!!

Now it's your turn to link up or comment with what one word will describe 2015 for you.

Have a wonderful night!!

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