Saturday, September 6, 2014

Family, Adoption and A Dumb Smart TV

I'm linking up with Julie for my highs/lows for this week.
Check out my crazy fun week!!

Most of my sweet family made dinner together the other night.
Our oldest is missing from the pic.
She was out with friends:)

A little kitten adopted us as his family.
He showed up and we had to feed him.
Now he lives in our garage and plays with the kids everyday.
Natalee and Brilee named him Oreo.

Aren't these adorable!!
I got the idea from the amazing Queen of the First Grade Jungle.
I really liked her purple ones but these match my room.
My firsties fell in love them immediately.

This little girl was having a ball looking through Scholastic Book Club magazines.
I overheard this little group of kids telling each other 
that "We have an amazing teacher."
Be still my heart!
I love these little people!!

My teaching materials for my new Wonders reading series arrived.
It was like Christmas opening all those boxes.
I still think I'm missing a few things but I'm so excited to have all these other items now.

Look at the cuteness of this little Minnie Mouse!
She's dressed up as a bee too!!
I'm putting her in my classroom for Halloween but I don't think I'm 
going to take her down after;)

We got a 50" smart TV.
Only thing is its a dumb TV.
We will not be paying the extra $70 to make it smart:/

I don't really have any downs this week!!
I'm blessed that all my family is healthy and well.
My friends are dealing with health troubles with themselves and 
their husbands.
My prayers and thoughts go out to all them!
Love you all!!

Do you have some Highs/Lows to share?
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