Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tips and Tools for Back to School- Week 11

Happy Sunday Night everyone!!
OK so if you're anything like me you are not happy that it is Sunday night:(
I'm not ready for school tomorrow.
It's the first FULL week back and I'm still waiting on my teaching materials to come in for the new reading series.
Yep still don't have any of it.
It will be OK.
It has to be and I'll wing it.
I'm getting pretty good at doing it.

It's time for another Tip and Tool for Back to school from another Primary Peep!!
Back to school is a very important time to get parents involved with their child's education.
We need their support to make our jobs easier.
My sweet friend Laura is going to help you with this.
She is also offering 2 wonderful freebies to help with building relationships with your students' parents.
Hop on over and check out the wonderful blog post she has and to snag these goodies.

A Grace-Filled Classroom


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