Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lots of highs and a few lows!

I'm linking up with my sweet friend Julie for her High/Low party.
These are my recent high/lows over the last couple of weeks:)
First off are my highs for the week:)

Natalee started 3rd grade! 
She was very ready to go back to school!

Brilee started Kindergarten this year!
He was not ready to go back!

 Completely Editable Behavior Calendars
My behavior charts are working out great this year and the parents are liking them too:)

We have already had 2 birthdays at school.
We have only been in school 8 days so far.
I made healthy choices each time but man was it hard.

 August Desk Buddies {Writing & Craftivity}
My firsties are loving the desk buddies this year again!
They keep asking when we get to make another one.
We have been going over the writing pages together and I know they 
will do great once I turn it over to them to do independently.

I am in love with my Bulletin Board!!
This picture just does not do it justice.
It's so cute and everyone has liked it.
 Now for my lows:(
Our air conditioner went out on one of the hottest days of the year.
It didn't cost too much but it was an unexpected expense and that is never good.
Also we were told we should start an air conditioner fund to get another one:(
This one is just old and needs to be replaced.
Guess I know where my tax refund will be going:(

This little bird was in our pool.
Not sure what happened to it.
Maybe it was trying to get a drink.
                                                                 Poor little thing!!

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