Saturday, August 2, 2014

A High/Low & Currently

I'm linking up with my bloggy friend Julie for her High/Low linky.

My high this week is all this goodness that came from our own little garden!!
Yeppers!! We grew that. 
Those tomatoes have been to die for.
Really!  I just wash, cut and add a little sea salt and then enjoy:)
Makes my mouth water just thinking about them.
{We have so much zucchini it is coming out of our ears here!!!}

So if you don't know my absolute favorite color is GREEN
Only I really don't like that color when it comes to my pool!
I mean we just paid for a new liner and for it to be installed.
Then what happens the pump decides is no longer wants the job and goes on strike.
We have tried every reasoning method me can think of and he still isn't getting with the program.
So I think we are going to have to fire him and find a new replacement.
I'm think my pool days are over for this year at my house.
{Guess I'll go visit my big sister and her pool for the rest of the season.}

I'm also linking up with Farley for her currently linky!

Everything this time is pretty self explanatory.
I haven't started planning out my school year yet and it's starting to get to me.
I really need to but I really don't want to:(

I started making up desk buddies for the year and I'm 
needing to finish up September and October before school starts.  
At least then I'll have a little time to get the rest of the year started.

During this summer I have started a fitness journey with 
one of the goals to be smaller than the clothes I wore last year.
I'm excited to say I have met that goal and now I NEED new clothes.
Guess I need to get shopping;)

 Check back tomorrow for some AWESOMENESS!!
You really don't want to miss this!

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