Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tips and Tools Week 6 & High/Low Linky

Another of my peep friends has come up wit another wonderful tip and tool for back to school.

This week my friend @Inspired Owl's Corner

has an amazing idea for the first day of school.
I will definitely be using her pack for my first day.
Why not party away the day and break the ice and make your kiddos more comfortable.
Just look at this great pack!!
Click on the picture to grab it!
It's only FREE for this week only!!!

Check back next week when another of my peeps will offer up a great tip and tool.

Now for my High/Low of the week.
I'm linking up with my friend Julie @A First For Everything for her 
weekly linky.
Check her out!!

My high this week is that I got to get into my classroom and start setting up!!
I always have to wait until the last 2 weeks of summer to get into my classroom.
It is always the last to get cleaned.
This year it was one of the first and it was ready around the 4th.
I've gone in a couple of times and did a little bit of work.
Moving furniture and rearranging my room is something I love to do.
This year I have a completely different idea for how I want my classroom set up.
Hope it turns out as cute in real life as I see it in my mind.

My low was having to see this in my classroom.
Are you kidding me?
I wonder why my technology doesn't always work:/
Luckily I was able to set my computer up and my printer was fine too.
(I think/hope!!)
I truly am not a very techie person so I hate having to put the computers back together.

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