Friday, July 4, 2014

Five for Friday- 4th of July

I know it's Summer Break but I still love Fridays.
My kiddos last year knew it was my favorite day and 
each Friday they would announce it as that: Mrs. Byers it's you favorite day:)
I'm starting to miss those little guys.
Not that I'm ready to go back but I do love my job and I do miss them ( a little bit).

OK well on with the show...

My oldest baby graduated from High School!!
It makes me sad to know that she is growing up but
I'm very proud of the young lady she has become.
She is looking into going to college to be a Veterinary Tech.
Wish her luck!!

Our little garden is growing full speed ahead.
We even have melons.
Don't ask me what kind they are because I have no idea.
The Hubby just thought they might be good.
I think they might be cantaloupe, Maybe?!?!

This is how we have been spending out summer so far.
Pool day everyday it has been nice.
You would think these 2 would get along in the pool but alas 
that is not the case.  
They still fight all the time! 

My son apparently got tired of holding my kindle and used the side of the couch to make a 
handled display so he could still watch Netflix.
I tell ya this kid is a problem solver:)

OK so this isn't a picture of my Zucchini Bread but I did make some 
and it was very good.  
The recipe is linked from the pic so you can click on it and see  it.
It was very easy to make and didn't take long either.
I just had to find something to do with all the zucchinis from our garden.
click pic to go to recipe

My store will be on sale all weekend long to celebrate the 4th.
Happy shopping:)

Hope everyone has a very Happy 4th of July!!
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