Friday, May 2, 2014

May Currently

Before we know it school is going to be out.
It feels like yesterday it was the beginning of the year. NOT!!!
With all the snow days and delays and everything else that went on this year it feels like I have been in school for-ev-er.
Seriously it needs to end.
My kids have already shut down.
Please tell me that I am not the only one going through this.
It wasn't gradual or something I really saw coming.
It was over night people!!!
We still have 19 more days to go:/
Oh well I'm done venting and now on to something fun
It's May Currently Time!!
Linking up with the fabulous Farley once again.

My kiddos are watching Monster House right now.  We love that movie!
I also hear running water.
And I'm excited to hear that sound.
This is why.

I got a new pool liner put in yesterday
Come on Summer Break!!!

I am loving my 3 day weekend.
Kentucky living has it's perks especially when today is Oak's Day and tomorrow is The Kentucky Derby.
Run horsey run!

I think I need to freshen up my blog design.
I Love my bees but I think my social media buttons, blog button and side bar items need a little pick me up.
I have a new blog button made but can't seem to get it uploaded right.
It won't show the grab it link:/

I started making a first grade summer review for my kids and I really want to finish it up this weekend.
Most likely that won't happen but I still want to get a lot of it do.
I am in love with the cover and happen with the math pages I have so far.
I just need to keep going.
What skills in math and reading would you like to see in it?
Coming Soon!

Cleaning house is the last thing I want to do but I seriously NEED to do it.
The basement is where we are going to start building my office and it isn't ready.
Hince one reason to clean.


My sweet friend has allowed me to look over several of her newest packs.
They are amazing and my kids have loved them.
We got to complete the Earth Day craftivity and it was a HUGE hit.
Look how cute they turned out.

She just uploaded a new End of the Year Review Game set that is a Camping Theme.
Too cute for words.
Check it out you won't be disappointed.

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