Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Product Swap Review: Butterflies

4 Caterpillars
16 energetic first graders
1 Awesome time saving Butterfly pack from Mary @aclassroomfullofsmiles
= a happy engaged learning classroom
Yeppers!! That is my room right now.
I don't have to even tell my cuties to get out their butterfly journals.
They get them out and beg to write in them.
What teacher wouldn't love this?!?!
And the learning and writing that is going on is amazing I tell ya.
Huge Thank You to Mary for 
making my life so much easier right now!!!
Here are some pictures of the journals we are working in.

Colorful covers!!

Day 1 Observations

They look like they are poky.                          They all are different sizes.  One looked like it was eating.

Day 3 Observation
I think the metamorphosis is starting because one is on the top.

Day 5 Observations
Today we see a caterpillar is turning into a pupa.          I see one side up there.  There is not much food.

There is so much more than just the journal.
We have been using the following pages as morning work.

Yep you read that right they all were able to make the word butt out of butterfly:)
Got to love first grade humor.

Here is a picture of the vocabulary words.
I have them on the board in front of the classroom so the kids can use them when they are writing in their journals.

And there is much much more to this pack.
We haven't even gotten into the technology parts like QR codes.
You really won't be disappointed in this pack it is truly amazing.

You still have time to enter our giveaway and possibly win this pack.
Click Here to enter!
Someone has to win it might as well be you!!!

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