Monday, February 17, 2014


First off I want to thank every one that buzzes by and looks at this little blog.
I know I don't post as much as I really want but life just is too busy at times.
I'm a sporadic blogger and I'm just as bad on my Facebook page.  
I could name a million excuses as to why I don't do a better job of it but really I just don't have the energy some days.
I do however try to keep up better on my Instagram mostly because it is so easy to post pictures.
I'm also a very visual learner so the pictures that others post really help me too.
I'm truly amazed at how my little old Instagram has now reached over 500 followers.
I never would have guessed anyone would follow me but there is was the other day 510 followers.
I want to share a FREEBIE with everyone as a Thank You for your support and love.
I hope these little Spring Love Digital Papers will be enjoyed by everyone.

Click on the picture to grab it FREE 4 EVER;)

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

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