Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Did someone say Sale?;)

What do you do when you have 3 million teachers on TpT?
You throw a HUGE Sale to celebrate!!!

My entire store will be 20% off during the sale also.
I added a few new items in time for the sale also.
Twittering Sigh Words Teacher Assessment and Activities Pack is loaded with all kinds of goodies to get those kiddos enjoying learning Fry's 2nd 100 sight words.  This pack is marked down and will also be on sale.  Double savings!!  Check out all that is included below.

I have also added some new digital paper packs.

Have fun shopping!!
I know I will;)


Monday, February 17, 2014


First off I want to thank every one that buzzes by and looks at this little blog.
I know I don't post as much as I really want but life just is too busy at times.
I'm a sporadic blogger and I'm just as bad on my Facebook page.  
I could name a million excuses as to why I don't do a better job of it but really I just don't have the energy some days.
I do however try to keep up better on my Instagram mostly because it is so easy to post pictures.
I'm also a very visual learner so the pictures that others post really help me too.
I'm truly amazed at how my little old Instagram has now reached over 500 followers.
I never would have guessed anyone would follow me but there is was the other day 510 followers.
I want to share a FREEBIE with everyone as a Thank You for your support and love.
I hope these little Spring Love Digital Papers will be enjoyed by everyone.

Click on the picture to grab it FREE 4 EVER;)

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Currently & FREEBIE

WOW! Can you believe it is already February?
I sure can't!
This year will be over before you know it.
Not sure how I really feel about that yet.

And now to my currently.

Here's my break down:
Our family is addicted to Hay Day!
It's sad but true.  Both my 2 littlest kids play it on the iPad and tablet.
The Hubs and I both have it on our iPhone and our oldest has it on her phone but doesn't play it as much as the rest of us.

Yep don't be jealous I have a 3 day weekend.
My school always makes sure that we schedule the Monday after Super Bowl off.
I hope to get A LOT done this weekend too!

One of the things I really need to do this weekend is to plan next week's lessons.
With all the snow/cold days and delays I'm behind and need to revamp what I should be teaching.

I really want some coffee but I'm out of splenda and I just can't bring myself to use regular sugar.
I need to go grocery shopping:(

My printer at home bit the dust and I just haven't had the time or money to buy a new one.
Plus I don't know what kind I want yet too.
I'll take any and all suggestions on what type to buy.

Truth 1:
I did not want to be a teacher.  I wanted to be a trial lawyer since 6th grade.
I use to get mad when people would ask if I was going to be a teacher once they found out my major was English.  I'm so glad I didn't pursue that career now.  Teaching is my calling.

Truth 2:
I was attached by our family German Shepard at age 3.
It was really bad and I ended up having to have plastic surgery on my forehead.
The bite was about an inch away from me losing my eye.
Now you would never know.  Thank God for wonderful doctors!!
I'm not afraid of dogs either though my mom hates them.

I am petrified of speaking in front of groups of peers.
I keep seeing where all these wonderful bloggers are going to present at different conferences and I am amazed by it.
I would be sick and a nervous wreck.

Click on the picture to grab it from my TpT store.
Please remember to leave feedback too:)

Thanks for sticking with me and reading my ramblings.
Hop on over to Farley's blog and join in on the fun.

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