Friday, December 6, 2013

Five for Friday {Dec 6}

My random week;)

We wrote letters to Santa telling him why we would be a good host class for an elf.
Most of my kids have an elf on the shelf at home and I know they would love one at school too.
I got this idea from Stephanie Stewart @ Falling Into First.
I finished prepping our Christmas Around the World Scrapbook.
I used a combination of my two most favorite packs.
I used Sarah Cooley's and Rachelle Smith's.
My Kiddos are going to love the next 2 weeks of school.

We had a snow day today!!
This weekend is looking like more snow too.
I just hope we don't get ice:(
After a hard day of playing in the snow we came in and watched some Christmas movies.
{We could only stand being outside for about 15 min.  OK I could only stand being out there that long.  It was COLD!!}

The Phonics page we had earlier this week had us make the word fig.
The kids kept debating on if it was a real or fake word.
I tried telling them about fig newton cookies and they hadn't heard of them so I brought some in and we had an impromptu lesson on figs and combined a little math too;)

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