Sunday, December 1, 2013

Currently December Style

This should be a Teachers Inspire Teachers post but I let time get away from me and didn't have it ready.
But that's OK it will be back next Sunday.
I was a little bit bummed until I realized that it was time for Farley's December Currently.
So without further adieu here is my currently.

Right now my 2 littlest kiddos are playing in the living room.  One is on a tablet and the other is playing with all the Christmas decorations we just put up.

I am loving our real Christmas tree.  We haven't had one in a very long time.  Our fake tree has seen better days and we were going to get another one.  But we decided to give a real tree a try again this year.  I'm really glad we did so far.

I am thinking we must be crazy to have brought another puppy into our house.  Our next door neighbor brought over a puppy yesterday and we ended up keeping it.  This brings our total of dogs to 6!!!!!!!
Walker has a sad story.  He was left in a box along with his mother and 5 other brothers and sisters behind a Save-a-lot store.  We just couldn't pass up that adorable face.  He is about 8 weeks old and is very healthy.  The other dogs don't really care for him but they aren't being mean, just marking their territory:/

I really want and need a new printer for home.  Mine kicked the bucket this week.  It wasn't even a year old!!  I really liked it too when it was working.  It was a Kodak.  Anyone else have trouble with that brand?  I have a hp at school and I love it.  It just didn't do everything that the other one did.

So now that my printer at home doesn't work I really need ink for my school printer.  I'm out and I haven't even printed out centers for this week.  I guess I'll have to improvise tomorrow.

One of my favorite traditions is going to the mall and having a new family ornament made each year.  I have to confess that there are a few years that we didn't make it to the mall to get it and I made the promise last year that I would make sure we got them from now on.  We still need to get this year's ornament.
This is last year's ornament.

On a final note I'm sure you all know by now that TpT is having a Cyber sale Monday and Tuesday.  I just want to remind you that my little store will joining in on that sale too.  Happy shopping!!

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