Sunday, November 3, 2013

Teachers Inspire Teachers {Nov 3}

 All the teachers that I know in my "real-life" and "bloggy-life" have to go to some professional development throughout the year.  At my school we try to get this done at the end of the school year or the very beginning of summer vacation.  This way once we are off we don't have to go back for anything unless we want to stop by our classroom for something. 

I know a lot of teachers don't like going to these things and try very hard to get out of them. Myself I don't really mind them especially if it is on a topic that I like or pertains to my grade.  Usually we are allowed to chose whatever PD we want to attend without trouble but sometimes we are made to go to certain ones because of a new adopted program or something.  All that being said I want to tell you a little bit about one of these PD presenters that I went to and found A LOT of inspiration. 

A couple of years ago I went to a free PD class where the presenter was Dr. Jean. 

The first thing I loved about her was the she was real.
She knows what it's like being a teacher because she is one.
She isn't someone just spouting off textbook ideas and big company products.
Dr. Jean used everyday recycled items to make her centers.
You don't have to pay big bucks to make these cute engaging activities.
Dr. Jean is the MacGyver of teaching centers.
Give her some paper plates, empty water bottles, and a few everyday household items and she has an engaging center ready to go.
I still go to her blog and look up archived ideas for the holidays or a skill my kiddos are having trouble learning. 
I found a cute witches brew activity for Halloween that I have used a few years.
For Thanksgiving I'm going to use this story bracelet that she has on her blog.
    I also have a few of her CDs.
My kiddos LOVE Karate writing.
They get to punch high, middle or give a little kick for each of the alphabet letters.
We also like Who let the Letters out?
Too cute to not like and enjoy.
I hope you take a moment and check out Dr. Jean's blog and ideas. 

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