Sunday, November 10, 2013

Teachers Inspire Teachers {Nov 10} and a FREEBIE

When I was in first grade I was diagnosed with ADD. 
I had a hard time staying focused on my work in the classroom.
At my school we had a reading specialist teacher that would pull students and work with them one on one or in very small groups.
I was one of those kids she would pull to work with.
I can still remember loving when she would come get me.
I was able to understand things so much better with her help.
Mrs. Pearce pulled and worked with me until I was in the 7th grade.
At that time I was able to do my work better and stay focused.
I will never forget the day she told me that she wouldn't be taking me anymore. 
We were standing outside my 7th grade classroom and she kept telling me that if I felt like I still needed help to come to her. 
I know their were some tears too.
As I went on to High School and collage I was able to use the strategies that Mrs. Pearce taught me to succeed.
 After I didn't get hired back from my first teaching position, I went back to my elementary school and put an application in. 
I also enrolled my daughter in the 4th grade there.
I ended up getting hired the day before school started to be the first grade teacher.
I couldn't have been more excited or scared.
I was going to be a teacher in my old first grade room.
I would never had thought that in a million years.
Mrs. Pearce was still the reading specialist teacher and had put in a really good word for me to get hired.

A few years later she decided to retire after 45 years as a teacher at our school.
I was sad to see her go.
She had helped me even more as a teacher with my students.

Mrs. Pearce didn't stay gone for long.
She decided to come back on Wednesdays and read to the Pre-K through 2 grade classroom.
The picture below are from this past Wednesday.
My kiddos love when she comes in and reads to them.
She always goes beyond just reading the story to them too.
She asks them questions and how they feel about what they had read.
It is truly a wonderful thing to see. 

Thank you so much Mrs. Pearce for believing in me and helping me on my journey to becoming a teacher.
Here is a freebie set of short vowel posters.
Mrs. Pearce use to have a large poster in her room and we would always go over them first thing.  Click the picture to grab it.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


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