Friday, November 15, 2013

Five for Friday {Nov 15}

I love this linking part because it is so easy.  
And I like easy.
So here are my pictures with a little definition of what we are doing in each.

Yesterday was the 60th day of school so we made turkeys with 6 feathers and 10 stickers on each.
The kids were so cute when they realized it was a Zero the Hero project.

Our reading story this week was The Big Circle.  
As you can see it is a dinosaur story.
I got out my dinosaur puppets and let the kids use them as they read the story.
Suddenly everyone was into reading that story;)

Carson Dellosa had a big math manipulatives sale and I got these linking links.
The kids loved making chains with them. 
We made patterns and then talked about how we could use them to measure things.
I might have to go back and order some more things;)

We did a little bit of sequencing with a corn seed.
We put the pictures in order and then the kids had to write me one good sentence about each picture.
They did a really good job.

We finally finished our HERO books yesterday too.
These turned out really cute and the kids had a blast making them and learning about Veteran's Day.

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