Sunday, October 27, 2013

Teachers Inspire Teachers {Oct 27}

It's once again time for me to share about an amazing teacher that has inspired me.
This fabulous graphics artist made a huge impact in my journey to making items for my classroom and TpT store.
Mel from the pond and her graphics premium club changed my life.
Frog Spot Blog
 I had no idea what clip art and graphics were until I found Mel's blog and TpT store.
Mel's graphics were the first graphics that I actually purchased too:)
When she started the Premium Graphics Club I begged my Hubby to let me get in on it.
During that time I hadn't really made or done anything for my store. 
So I begged, pleaded, and cried until he said yes:)
It wasn't really that hard to convince him.
Once he knew that I was going to get an e-mail each business day with some goodness in it he was on board with signing up.
And I did sign up.
For a full year Mel sent me and other members of the club an e-mail with a font, graphic or full graphic set.
It was totally amazing!!
I loved getting those e-mail.
It was like Christmas each day.
All of my first products in my TpT store were and are made with Mel's wonderful graphics.
Still today just about every item I have in my store has something of Mel's in it.
I just LOVE all her stuff.
I will admit I was sad when she decided not to continue the Premium Club, but I can only imagine how much time and talent when into it. 
It had to have been a HUGE job and commitment. 
I am now a member of her Clipart Addicts group.
It's a special Facebook group where she has exclusive freebies for members. 
She is just too good to us fans.
 Right now she is apart of an educents clipart bundle.

It's an amazing deal for about $30. 
Can you say WOW?
Stop by Mel's blogs and stores and show her some love!!
Thanks Mel for sharing your talent with me and others.

Here are a few freebies from my TpT store that I have made using Mel's wonderful graphics.



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