Thursday, September 19, 2013

Math Centers and Pirate Hats

Today for math I decided to forgo the old math book workbook page and have my kiddos do math centers the whole time. 

I don't usually do math centers that much. 
Usually I just throw in one during my reading centers just to change things up a little. 
But after today I think I am going to have a day of no math book just centers. 
It was great practice and review for my cuties.

I have 15 kiddos but only 13 were there during this time. 
I divided them up into 3 groups and then put them at a simple center.
You know me I like to keep it simple and easy for me and the kids so they can work independently. 
I did not have my kiddos use recording sheets today.
We just played the games and got use to them.
Recording sheets will come into play soon:)

Center 1-Dry Erase ten frames (autumn style)
Students used dry erase markers and tissues to make a ten frame to match the number on the card.

Center 2- Ten Frame number match
Students matched a number card to the matching ten frame card.
Center 3- Roll and make a Ten Frame
Students used dice to roll a number and then used counters to make ten frames in our ice trays.
This one was a HUGE it and it was super easy to put together:)

And lastly we celebrated National Talk like a Pirate Day by reading a couple of pirate themed books and making Pirate Hats.


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