Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Currently September, Already!

Holy Guacamole!!!  It's September already:)
That means it's time for a September Currently from Farley.

Mine is really self explanatory so I'm not going to rehash what a wrote for the most part.
My classroom is nearly finished except for the little details that make a big difference.
I have all my pom poms made and hanging on the side of the room but they need to be hung over the desk.  Anyone want to come do that for  me;)?

I need new clothes!
I wear the same thing over and over. 
I did go out and get 3 pairs of capris and 2 shirts yesterday.
It's at least a start:)

I have 3 goals for myself this month.
1.  I really really want to learn how to use the smart board that I have in my classroom this year.
This would make a great center for my kiddos.
And they keep asking when are we going to use it;)

2.  I really need to eat healthier. 
I was doing really good their for a long while and then I let myself slide back into eating unhealthy:(
This leads me into ...

3.  Cook something new.  I can eat healthy and cook something new too. 
We tend to eat the same things all the time so I think it is time to look at all those great food ideas I pinned on Pinterest and get to cooking. 
I just don't want to do the dishes:/

Hope you have a fantastic week!! 

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