Saturday, August 3, 2013

Five for Friday-Saturday style

I am so glad that Five for Friday is back!
Before I start I wanted to let you all know that I have joined Instagram and I'd love to have you as a follower.  Leave me your instagram in a comment I'd love to follow you too!!

Here is a little bit of randomness from this week.

I am loving the backyard garden.  We get to go out everyday and pick fresh veggies.  The kids have been learning so much about plant life and animal life.  We have a bunny that lives in the garden:)

My kiddos decided to wash my car for me.  It was so dang cute.  No soap just water.  They told me they got the bird poop off.


I went to work in my room and found lots of goodies.  I think they were donated to our school from a retired teacher.  Anyway there were some great resource books and games that I hope to use this year during my center time.

I decided to clean out my teacher desk.  So I put everything on my student's desks.  Lets just say that I could really use the desk fairy to stop by and HELP clean up the desk with me.  #ineedthedeskfairy

I had a really hard time with my pet rat, Squeaky, passing away in July.  I'm handling it better now {by not crying every time I mention his name} and I'm ready to show off my new pets.
Here is a picture of my 2 new baby class pet rats.  They are both males and look like twins.  I haven't officially named them yet.  My oldest daughter wants to name them Gus and Jack from the mice in Cinderella.  I wanted to name them from rats in books I have read like Templeton from Charlotte's Web or something.   I even thought about letting the kids name them but I just can't stand the idea of them being named something silly.  Maybe I should have some names already chosen and then let the kiddos vote from them.   
I'd love for you to leave me a name suggestion or 2;)

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