Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tried It Tuesday Facebook style

I know what your thinking WHAAAAAAT she's blogging 2 days in a row.
Has someone taken over this blog. 
Nope it's me and yep I'm blogging another day.
Let's see how long I can go with this.  Maybe I'll make it all week. 
Yea we'll see;)

Anyway today I'm linking up with Holly @ Fourth Grade Flipper for her Tried it Tuesday.
OK apparently I'm behind on everything going on in bloggy world. 
I just realized that a couple of the linky parties I like to sometimes participate in have taken some time off. 
I can completely understand that. 
I'm mean I've taken just about all of June off. 
That could be the reason I'm behind on all the news.  
Oh 'well I'm posting this anyway because I did try it and it worked out pretty good. 

I have been looking into working on my Facebook page and came across Ms. Fultz's Corner: Work Your Blog Wednesday.  She has been giving tutorial tips on how to work your FB page.  The tutorial I came across and tried was making a Facebook Fan Gate for Fan Only Freebies {click here to read her post}.  So I tired it and guess what?  It worked!!!

So would you like to grab my July Facebook Freebie.  All you have to do is like my facebook page and then click on the fan freebie tab at the top.  It's a Fourth of July fact vs. opinion game.  This is the only place you can get it and its FREE.  Sounds like a deal to me:)

Click on the pic to go to my FB page.
Do you have a FB page? 
 Leave me the link in a comment. 
I'm always looking for new pages to follow.

Happy Tuesday and Enjoy:)
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