Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Made It- Finally

Last summer I was all over this linky.
This summer I haven't really gotten anything done to share.
Until now:)

I feel like I accomplished sooooo much today.

Glue sponges

I read about these on Greg Smedley's blog, Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten.  Then I watched his YouTube video on how to make them and I just had to try.
They really are super easy to make.  I got my Rubbermaid containers and foam sponges from The Dollar Store.  I got my sponges wet and then squeezed out the water so they were damp.  Next add the glue and put the top on.    Voila your done.

Behavior Clip Chart
I remade my clip chart this year to match my bee theme.  I love it!!  I still have to make up the clips and put them on but I'm glad this is at least up and ready;)

Tissue pom poms

After seeing Jessica's classroom reveal over @ Second Grade Nest, I knew I had to make some of these.  I just hung them up here so they wouldn't get smashed before they made it to their home over my groups.  I have beehive table signs to go on them too.  I still need a purple one.  The tissue came with pink instead of purple so I am on the hunt for purple tissue now and my red pom is messed up.  I might have to remake that one:( 

I couldn't let the pink go to waste so I made mini poms to go on my bulletin board by my new alphabet. 

Alphabet bee theme

Here is a closer up look at the posters.  These 3 backgrounds repeat in pattern.  All my vowels are in red too.  I'm so proud of this!!!!

Teacher binder cover
I had started making up my own teacher planner/binder but I ended up getting some really great ones for free from some amazing bloggers/TpT sellers.  I'm using some pages from Surfin' Through Second.  I love the calendar.  It has so much room to write and plan on.  I'm also using pages from Tammy's planner @ Storybook Café. I'm loving the thematic and common core planning pages.  So it's really a hodge podge of all 3 of our planners.  I think it will really help me stay organized this year.  I hope!!

Well there you have it, my Monday Made It.  Have you made anything?  Please share it with us.  I love seeing what everyone else has made.

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