Sunday, July 21, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted- New Teacher Advice

I'm finally ready to get back to blogging.
I know I'm not a very constant blogger and I most likely never will be.
I'll have to explain that in another blog post but I'm ok with that and I do try.
This last week was really hard with losing Squeaky, getting new class rats, my son not listening in speech therapy (not sure we have a behavior problem or if he is just spoiled), and just not being motivated.
Wow that's a lot of excuses but they are all true.
I hate to say it but I won't lie.

So here I am and I think I'm ready to get back into blogging more and getting ready for school.
I have about 1 month before I go back with kids in the classroom.
I'm not ready so I'm going to fake it until I make it;)

Lets start off this week with Latoya Reed's linky.
This is my first time linking up and I'm pretty stoked about it.

Click on the button to link up!

This week the topic is- Advice for New Teachers.


Buy a great pencil sharpener!
This pencil sharpener has been one of the best investments I have made in my classroom.
I have had several pencil sharpeners of every type and variety and this one is the best by far.
I even plan on getting another one for my room this year.  Why?  because last year one of my cuties decided to put things in it that they shouldn't like crayons and the eraser end of the pencil.  A couple of times I thought this little guy was broke but it wasn't and it was very easy to take apart and fix so I want another one for the other side of the room.

Always ask questions!
This can be hard for teachers new and seasoned.  I know we like to think we know it all but we don't and it really is wise to ask those questions so we have the correct information. 
The only dumb questions are the ones not asked!  I really believe this.  How can I expect my students to ask questions if I'm not willing to ask some myself. 

Never spread gossip!
I work in a very small private school where everyone knows everyone.  It is very hard to not listen but I try very hard not to repeat anything I hear.  I have lunch in my classroom to avoid some of it but it is hard. 

Find a partner!
Find someone that you can talk to and bounce ideas off.  My school only has one of each grade so I don't have another first grade teacher to go to so I go to our Kindergarten teacher.  We have been friends since my first day of work.  We bounce ideas off each other every day!  I wouldn't have made it without her;)

Make your classroom inviting!
If your classroom  is inviting it helps your students and you feel more at home.  Our classrooms are like our second home.  We spend so much time there that we need to make our mark on the place.  Choose a theme and decorate!  My room is decked out in black and yellow with pops of blue and green, and bees of course;)  The kids love the theme and everyone that walks into my room can see it is a happy place.  I smile every time I walk in because I feel welcomed.

Be yourself!
Take everyone's advice with an open-mind but make it your own.  You can't be someone your not so don't even try.  Take what works for you and use it.  Don't try to be someone else's copy.  You won't be happy and it will show.  You have important ideas so show them off.

Do you have any advice for new or even seasoned teachers?
Of course you do so link up and tell us.

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