Friday, April 26, 2013

Five For Friday Linky {April 26}

 I'm linking up for the first time with Doodle Bugs Teaching's awesome Friday party. 

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First: I finally got my new computer!!!!!  I have been wanting one for so long and Monday I was able to get.  I have no idea what I'm doing on it and trying to learn Windows 8 is like trying to learning a new language.  I'm sure I'll eventually figure it out.

Second: My kiddos made this little torn paper art and advice for how to heal the Earth for Earth Day.  I found this great idea on TpT of course.  It was a  freebie by Jamie Sears {Click Here} to get it.

Third: We had a heath fair that was put on my the 8th grade.  It was a major project for their PE class.  They taught the kiddos about health foods, good hygiene, some easy exercises and things that are not good for our bodies like smoking.  My first graders loved it.

Fourth: I let the kiddos use the microphones and whisper phones as they read during centers and they had a ball.  It was so cute to see how using something different made a regular boring idea into something golden. 

Fifth: I only have 17 1/2 days of school left!!!!!! Yahoo:)  This is a pic of our last lunch menu.  This made it so real to me.  The year really is almost over.  Come on summer and the warm weather.

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