Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Acclerated Reader Boards

Accelerated Reader is a HUGE program at our school.  It is highly promoted and used from Pre-K through 8th.  I personally love the program but I do know lots of people that do not like it.  Anyway I wanted to share some of the bulletin boards that the teachers in my hallway have used this time for AR. 

First up is ME:)  I love my board this trimester.  I was inspired by the video game Frogger and was really surprised to learn that several of my firsties had never heard of this game.  Are you kidding me???  I mean it was right up there with Pac Man when I was young.  Anyway, I hot glued cars on the road and had my kiddos hop up to the lily pads as they reached their AR goal.  I used percentages because not all my kiddos have the same goal.

Here are a few close ups of my board/wall.

Our Second grade teacher made her AR board baseball themed.
How cute that they are running bases to reach their goals.
Third Grade went with a sweet AR board and was inspired by the Candy Land game.
The kids move their token around the board as they reach their AR goal.
Fourth grade went with a sports theme too.  Basketball!!!
They are shooting for their AR goal:)
Do you use AR at your school and if so what ways do you use to motivate your kids to read?
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