Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Silly Hats to Celebrate a Silly Cat

Hello Bloggy Friends:)
My class had a great day today with
The Cat in the Hat.
We wore silly hats all day long.
We also made cat hats that had rhyming word families.
You can see my example on the board behind my kiddos.
{Sorry no pic, I forgot to snap it}
You can also see that we lost both ss's off
of recess.  We were earsplitting a little loud today.
I have no idea why;)

Here are our hats!!
The blue and red is actually his baby sister's tutu. LOVE it!
These sweeties didn't ware hats so they used their rhyming hats.
We had a few beer hats lol.  They were only $1 @ Target.
The Santa hat is actually mine, but this little darling wanted to wear it.

The leprechaun hat with buckle is my daughter.  We
found that hat for $1 @ Target too:)
Got to love the $1 spot!!

Green M&M's and cheese my fave {yummy}.


Minnie Mouse was in the house today.
We had so much fun with our hats today.
Tomorrow we are dressing up like our favorite
Dr. Seuss character {or the one easiest to make fast;)}.
Check back soon to see all our creative costumes.

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