Saturday, March 2, 2013

Currently and Giveaway Reminder

Wow it's March already.
Before long it will be Spring Break
{mine starts April 1 no kiddin'}
and then it will be the end of the school year.
Anyone else feel like the school year is flying by?
I'm linking up with Farley for her March currently.
I just love these each month.

Actually the Hubby isn't watching the game now.  They have some movie on but it changes so often that they won't be watching that long either;)

Every year my first graders make leprechaun traps as a family project.  This year my daughter is in my class so she gets to make one.  We will be starting it this weekend and the whole family is excited.

The Pre-K through 2nd grade are going to celebrate Read Across America next week with Dr. Seuss activities everyday.  Monday we are reading The Foot Book and wearing silly shoes.  I really need to be looking for some other activities to go along with this one.  I might use another Seuss book and do some activities with that one too.  Pinterest here I come!

I want and need another computer.  Our desktop is so sloooooow and it has so many viruses that it isn't worth turning on.  It's just taking up space.  My laptop isn't mine.  It is really my schools but they allow and encourage us to use it as our own.  My only problem is that it has been acting up and I think all my TpT and TN items and things {clip art} are killing it:(  The good news is that I will be able to get a new one sometime in April, so I need to get to looking at what I want.

I need more printer ink.  As soon as I get a new color one the black goes out and vice verse.  So I need to get a color and a black  one so I don't run into this problem again.  {I know who am I kidding? ME}

I like heat.  It's freezing here in KY.  Can't wait for our vacation to Florida/Disney this July.
I love hot chocolate.  Even though I don't drink it much because of the calories :(
I hate hectic work areas.  This is quite funny really because I am a classroom hoarder.  Yep I said it.  I keep everything and my room shows it.  You never know when you might use that empty bottle.  I mean only have 20 of them laying around.

If you haven't linked up yet hop on over and do it.  You won't regret it.

I want to give a little reminder that my Spring Time writing and labeling pack giveaway ends in a few hours so if you would like to enter you still have time. {Click here to go to that post to enter}

Have a great Saturday!!
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