Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Shoe Tying Tables, What!?!

Have you ever come across something that
another teacher has done and you think,
why couldn't I have thought of that?
Well I do that ALL the time.
The other day I was reading Dr. Jean's blog
{if you're not following her, boy oh boy you should be}
and she shared what another teacher (Ashley Swedell) does to help
her kiddos learn to tie shoes.
That wonderful teacher puts shoes on her tables for her
kiddos to practice on.
How creative it that I tell you.
This was such a great idea I had to try it out.
So I used a pair of old shoes my son can't wear anymore.
And ta-da, instant shoe tying tables.

All my kiddos were so excited. 
They all raced over and had to try them out. 
Don't you love it when something
simple, easy and free works in yourclassroom? 
I sure do!!

Most of my kiddos can tie their shoes but I do still have a
couple that this will be fun and help them too.
Do you think you could use this in you classroom?
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