Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No Snow, Ice and School:(

Happy Wednesday Blog Land!!
I was so hoping that we would have snow last night.
Even though it wasn't in the forecast I was still secretly hoping that it would magically appear,
Well it didn't!
What we got was an icy, slushy mess.
Roads are slick, so says the weather woman.
And still we have school.
I was really hoping for a delay schedule.

Here is a picture of my car and driveaway.

It looks like snow but it is nothing but ice. 
Surpriing the roads were not slick at all once you got out of the neighborhood.
Well today my kiddos have Music and Library all afternoon.
Soooo, I'm going to clean up my room. 
My desk is lost under a sea of papers.
And I have things starting to pile up everywhere.
I need to get it cleaned/picked up before it gets any worse.
 Hopefully I'll have a cleaned up picture to show tomorrow.
Sadly the rest of my little room looks like this too:(

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