Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Catholic Schools Week

This week we are celebrating Catholic Schools Week.
I know that most of you teach in public schools but I
wanted to show you some of the things that we do to
celebrate our school system.
We pretty much party all week doing different things each day.
The kiddos love it!
Monday we started off with writing letters home to our parents
thanking them for the sacrifices they make to send us to our school.

It was also pajama day!
The kids loved it!!

We had an assembly in the gym to watch the 4th-8th grade
class spelling bee winners go against each other to find
out who would be the school spelling bee winner.

Tuesday we dressed up fancy in our best clothes and had a talent show.
It was a very fun day.
Lots of singers and dancers in this year's talent show.

Kindergartner dancing away.
Our 4th grade reading buddies also put on a play for the talent show.
They did an awesome job!!

Wednesday (today) we read with the 6th graders
and we had game day. 
(sorry no pics.  I completely forgot)
We also got to wear our favorite college team shirt.
I am happy to say that there were a lot of
Big Blue Nation (U of K) shirts in our school!!
Thursday  (Tomorrow)  we will have a whole school mass to celebrate and
the kids are allowed to dress up like a saint
and parade around the gym as they tell a fact or 2 about their saint. 
Friday we end our week with basketball 3 on 3 games
for the 3-8 grade while Pre-K to 2 have
intramural basketball shooting fun.
The most exciting part of the day is when the 8th grade vs
the faculty in a volleyball game. 
It is so much fun and everyone is there to watch and cheer.
I will most definitely post pics of that.
The 8th grade always dress up crazy and the faculty almost always
I hope you all have had a great fun filled week like I have so far.
Good night and see ya soon:)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

100th Day of School!!!

Hip Hip Hooray it was the 100th Day!!!
Yep today was our 100th day of school.
We partied all day long with this fabulous number.

Starting last week I really started to think about what I was going to do.
I always do the same things.
How will you look in 100 years?
What would you spend 100 dollars on?
Count to 100 by 2's, 5's, and 10's.
You know the drill.  
Not that these aren't great things. 
I was just so bored of doing them every year for the last 7 years.
I needed a change.
And I won it!
Thanks to ..
Her 100th day of school-{celebrate in ROYALTY} pack was just what I needed.
This thing is amazing!!
If your still looking for something to do for the 100th day
and your wanting something a little different, you 
should check this packet out.
I didn't have enough time to do all the activities so we will be doing some of them tomorrow too!!
Here are just a few of the things we did today from this pack.
Word search and 100 days smarter hats!

100 chart rainbow follow directions.
We wrote our signatures as many times as we could in 100 seconds.
Sorry I forgot to take pictures of these:(

We drew pictures and wrote about what we would look like when 
we were 100 years. {Can't help it I love that one:)}
We did skip count by 2's, 5's, and 10's to the castle.
Cut and paste Royalty patterns.

snack!! Pretzel rod and 2 Oreo cookies

We had so much fun today.
The kids were engaged and learning while having fun.
I was happy and thrilled that they were having so much fun.
And we get to do some more tomorrow. 
What could be better:)

What are you doing for the 100th day?
Same things or something different?


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No Snow, Ice and School:(

Happy Wednesday Blog Land!!
I was so hoping that we would have snow last night.
Even though it wasn't in the forecast I was still secretly hoping that it would magically appear,
Well it didn't!
What we got was an icy, slushy mess.
Roads are slick, so says the weather woman.
And still we have school.
I was really hoping for a delay schedule.

Here is a picture of my car and driveaway.

It looks like snow but it is nothing but ice. 
Surpriing the roads were not slick at all once you got out of the neighborhood.
Well today my kiddos have Music and Library all afternoon.
Soooo, I'm going to clean up my room. 
My desk is lost under a sea of papers.
And I have things starting to pile up everywhere.
I need to get it cleaned/picked up before it gets any worse.
 Hopefully I'll have a cleaned up picture to show tomorrow.
Sadly the rest of my little room looks like this too:(

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

High Frequency Word Tip and Shout Outs

Happy Tuesday!!

I am about to make some of you jealous but it just can't be helped.
I only have a 4 day week this week.
Yeppers! We are off on Friday for a Professional Development.
And it gets better, we don't have to do any PD that day.
We just get it off.  
Feeling a little jealous...well I'm not finished.
We only have a 4 day week next week too.
We are off on Monday like everyone else for 
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's Holiday.
Yes you read that right I have a 4 day weekend this weekend.
I can't wait.
I already told the Hubby that I was working on TpT centers at least a
few of those days.  
I have about 8 more running through my head that I need to get created.

One of my lovely firsties gave me the crayon wreath for Christmas.
Isn't it just the cutest thing!

OK I wanted to share how I use the high frequency words that go with our 
reading story each week.
Some of you might already do this too.
I tape them around the door as the students tell me out loud 
what each word is.
Then each time we leave the room we read the words.
It is really helpful and the kiddos like it.
I use to have a musical wand that I would tap each word with, 
but it got stuck behind the cabinet that is nailed to the wall.
I guess it is still back there:(  I loved that thing.
I need to get me another one.

How do you review high frequency words/ sight words?  
I'd love to know.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Giveaway Shout Out!!

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Monday, January 7, 2013

We Are Published Writers

Hi Sweet Friends!!
I hope everyone has had an easy time getting back into the swing of getting up and ready for school.  I have to admit that I was not ready this morning to go back.  But I made it through and it wasn't that bad.  In fact my kiddos were pretty good except they were very very talkative. 
They had a very good reason to be excited today.  They knew that we had received their published book on Friday but wasn't able to take it home until today.  They were shouting out it's a wonder that you didn't hear them at your school;) 
Here are a few pictures of our book. 

I think they turned out amazing!!!
I couldn't be more pleased, proud and excited for them.
If you think you would like to do this with your class you should
check out studentreasures.  It was free to make our book
and they gave one to us for our classroom.
Parents were able to buy a copy of the book for $19.95
This was my first experience with this company and I am so
happy with their help and the end product that I am already
thinking about what next years class book will be.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Thank You, Winner, and Currently

I hope everyone had a wonderful time off and a great New Year. 
I want to send a HUGE THANK YOU out to all my new and loyal followers.
I am so glad to have you all walking with me through this journey of teaching and blogging.
I enjoy reading all you comments and I do read every last one of them. 
This year I am going to endeavor to be a better blogger. 
More meaningful post and freebies. 
I enjoy doing this and you deserve it too:)

I have a winner from my 200+ Giveaway. 
Congrats to Kirra Lehmann!!!
Hope she enjoys all her wonderful prizes. 



Most of mine are self explained but here we go.
Listening to my little kiddos playing and crying.  Daddy just got after them for running in the house.
Loving my family and friends.  I am so blessed to have them in  my life.
Thinking about what I'm going to be doing on Thursday and Friday.  I plan on going on with my Christmas Around the World lessons.  They are fun and we didn't get to do much of it before the holiday.
Wanting more time off.  I am so ready for summer vacation.  I know we were just off for Christmas and New Year but it was so busy that I need MORE TIME!!!!
Needing inspiration.  I had so much planned for this time off and I was really with it when we first started but now that it's coming to an end I can't seem to get myself going again.  I have a lot of center ideas I can't seem to get out of my head on my computer:(
OLW believe
I believe in myself. 
I have trouble believing I can do things or that I am doing them right. 
This year I am going to believe in myself more and push forward.

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