Thursday, December 6, 2012

NO more Writing!!!!!! and a new center

I am tired of writing. 
My kiddos have been writing for the last 2 days.
I feel sorry for them because I made them do it, but
I'm so happy it's all over.  For now.
First we wrote our story that is going to be published into a hardbound book.
I can't wait to get them back. 
It has been such a learning experience.
A wonderful publishing company called Studentreasures
sent us a book publishing kit for FREE.
We got to write our book and illustrate it.
Now I have to send it out tomorrow so it can be
Almost all my parents ordered at least one book, so our
class will get a copy for FREE.  The best part is that
even if no one had bought a book we still
would have gotten one free.
Inside cover

We then wrote to our pen pals. 
We have pen pals in Pennsylvania and
pen pals from a school right down the road from us.
The kiddos were excited to get all this done but it
took all day for 2 days to get finished. 
My aid and I said we don't want to write anything else until next year;)
It won't happen but I sure am tired of writing. 

Here is a new little sorting center I made last weekend.  You can get it
at my TpT or TN store for $2.
I will give this center away to the first 3 people
that comment and leave an e-mail address.

sound of y: long e and long i

This center game was created to go along with the Reading Street Series Unit 3 Week 1 story An Egg is An Egg.

This center contains the following:
*directions for 2 different ways to play this game (sorting center and rolling die center)
*2 sorting mats
*18 sounds of y: long e word cards
*18 sounds of y: long i word cards
*2 y: long e recording sheets (1 for recording the long e words, 1 for writing 6 long e sentences)
*2 y: long i recording sheets (1 for recording the long i words, 1 for writing 6 long i sentences)

Even though this center was made to go along with the reading street series it would still be a great center to learn or review sounds of y: long e and long i words.


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