Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Currently

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December Currently. 
Where has the year gone?
 I mean seriously it's December already!
I love teaching this time of year.
The kiddos love learning this time of year too!

I'm listening to How to Train a Dragon.  My 17 yr old daughter is the
only one up right now and she is watching it. 
Love that show! 

I'm loving that it is Christmas time and that we have an elf on the shelf.
His name is Snowflake and he is a real character.
Today he was sitting on a picture in the hall with
a dry erase marker in his hand.
Mustaches were on all our pictures.
My little ones loved it:)

Thinking that I need to have a giveaway for
reaching 211 followers.  I reached 200 followers and
never had a chance to have a giveaway so I
think it is time. 

I want a new laptop.  The one I am using now is the one
my school has given the teachers.  I have so much clip art and products on
here that I'm scared I'm gong to lose it. 
If you have any suggestions on good or not good
computers I would love to know. 

I need to plan out my Christmas Around the World.
I plan on starting on Wednesday or Thursday of this week.
I have some great resources to use and I pretty much
know what I'm doing.  I just need to get it down on paper so
I'll actually follow it and have everything ready before hand.

My RAK is we are going to buy a food angel this year. 
Kroger has them and we plan on picking one up
next time we go to the grocery. 


* I would love to know what type of computer you use and if you like it.  I am going to be looking around tax time and would love any and all suggestions:) 

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