Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Break!!!!!

Today was my last day!
It was a half day!
We watched the Polar Express.
{I need a new copy mine is scratched and kept pausing :(}
We ate snack.
Finished our parent gifts.
Then we partied until it was time to go home:)
Party game
The kids had to use only one hand to put the Santa hat on and then
take a spoon of mini marshmallows to a stocking.

Aren't they cute!
Just one of our party snacks.
Our cute parent gifts.  Hand print Santa and Rudolf with poems on the back.
Bee Wreath
One of my sweeties brought me in a bee wreath.
It matches my classroom perfectly.
Her mother made it! I think she said she found it on Pinterest.
She is so talented and she is the Library and SPD teacher.
Purple Butterfly Wreath
She also made this purple one for the 4th grade teacher.
Her room is purple and has butterflies.
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