Monday, November 12, 2012

Turkey Time! {Thanksgiving Writing and Labeling Packet}

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is almost upon us.  I mean really, where is the year going. 
With that being said I made up a Thanksgiving writing and labeling packet for my kiddos to work on this week and next week.  We are going to be writing in different perspectives of Pilgrims, native Americans and turkeys.  We will also write about what we are thankful for too. 
I haven't done much labeling with my kiddos and I think it is time to start.  I really think they will like labeling the turkey, pilgrim, native American and Mayflower. 
We have also been writing about how to cook a turkey.  These are turning out so cute.  I can't wait to share them with their families and our pen pals.  I hope to have them finished and sent out on Wednesday. 
If you are in need of some Thanksgiving writing ideas and activities take a peek at my Turkey Time Packet.  It's available at both my TpT and TN stores.  It's at a discount at my TpT store for now.
Click the picture to go to my TpT store.
Turkey Time! {Thanksgiving Writing and Labeling Packet}

Pg. 3-4 How to cook a turkey class book cover and recipe

Pg. 5-10 (5 Senses writing) If I were a pilgrim boy, girl,
Native American boy, girl, turkey, and if I were
on the Mayflower.
Pg. 11-16 writing prompts with lines: if I were a Pilgrim
boy, girl, Native American boy, girl, turkey, and
if I were on the Mayflower.

Pg. 17 I am thankful for…cornucopia.
Pg. 18-27 scrambled sentences (6 word cards for 10
10 complete sentences)

Pg. 28 Scrambled sentences recording sheet
Pg. 29-31 Can, Have, Are pages Pilgrims, Native Americans,
and Turkeys

Pg. 32-37 Label a turkey, mayflower, pilgrim boy, girl,
native American girl, and boy.
Pg. 38-43 Label answer keys
Pg. 44-45 Thank you and credits

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