Monday, October 1, 2012

Super Easy Phonics Work

Just a quick post tonight. 
I wanted to share something that I do with my kiddos just about everyday and they love it.  They erupt into cheers when I start because they know what's coming and can't wait.  And get this all you need is paper and 2 different color markers and a piece of white paper for each child. 
We call it a 6 box and my kiddos really do love doing this. 
Today we were learning about short a so we made a 6 box of short a words. 

We brainstorm 6 short a words and I write them on chart paper or sometimes just on my whiteboard. 
The short a is in orange and the rest of the word is in black {Halloween colors:)}.  I then drew a horrible beautiful picture of the word.  {My firsties are always telling me how great a drawer I am,  I think they might need their eyes checked lol} 
The kids fold their paper long ways like a hot dog and then fold the hot dog into a wallet.  When they open their paper they have 6 boxes.  They then number their boxes and write one word in each box.  Next they draw a picture to go with the word and lastly color their picture.
Seriously my firsties beg me everyday to do this.  Here are a couple of their short a 6 boxes.

This makes a super easy phonics review and cost nothing, which makes it even better.  What do you do to review Phonics?  I'd love to know.
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