Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Social Studies: Mexico

At my school the students don't have Social Studies books.  In fact I only have a teacher's book because it was sent as a display for the school to look at and maybe adopt which we didn't:(  Anyway I really don't miss not having books for the kiddos.  This way I am able to pull my own things together as long as I follow our school curriculum {of course;)}.  I teach my content by studying different countries.  We study Ireland in March and make leprechaun traps.  My firsties have already been asking about this project.
So the first thing I teach about is Mexico.  We learn about their flag, language, clothes, food, music and games to name just a few.  So today I had my kiddos make tambourines decorated with the Mexican flag colors.  We then listened to the Mexican Hat dance tune and tried to keep the beat with our tambourines.  I took a picture of my firsties holding their tambourines in front of their faces so I could post it here. 

We made the tambourines out of 2 paper plates that had been colored and then stapled together.  I added a small handful of macaroni {because that was what I had in my cabinet on hand} and then finished stapling it closed.  We had a lot of fun and it was super easy to do. 

Do you have a Social Studies book for your students?  If so which one do you have and do you like it? 
I'd love to hear what you do fun for this subject.

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